The gospel isn’t merely one ingredient in our programming mix. It’s the reason for everything we do. Our staff know teenagers as well as their bibles. They unwrap and animate God’s truth in ways that connect with students. Students will hear the gospel of Jesus in rally and in breakouts, then wrestle with it in group cabin time, Time alone with god (tawg), and the many opportunities for unscripted moments between campers and counselors that our summer camp experience delivers.


Starlit group worship around the campfire and time alone in His creation. We nurture the attitude of worship from sunrise to sunset. Just step out of your cabin, and you can’t help but acknowledge God here in the midst of His majestic creation. Personal quiet times, small-group prayer, or a peaceful sunrise—you’ll have plenty of options for exalting the lord. For listening to him, too. (It helps that distractions are few here—no phones or iPods, for instance.)


After every night rally students will have heard a incredible message about God and just experienced worship like never before and we unpack in their cabins how God has been moving. Did they experience anything, learn something new, accept Jesus for the first time. Our cabins times are critical for connecting and unpacking how God is moving in our students.


We have an arsenal of age-appropriate summer activities for your students. Each afternoon they will enjoy team competition games and then have free time to canoe, kayak, zip line, or rest with their friends around the lake!